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The Hopeful Hound is a Pet Community Center


We support pet wellness in Denver by offering community space where animal rescues unite pets with families and pet entrepreneurs get their start. We are proud to partner with Colorado Puppy Rescue, Trainers, Crafters, Treat makers, and more. If you’re interested in becoming part of our community please send us a message today.

The Hopeful Hound is a licensed PACFA facility and is subject to inspections by the department of Agriculture. 



A clean and safe place for local rescue groups to use for meet and greets or for on-site adoptions.


  • Private location designed for adoptions

    • Indoor licensed PACFA facility

    • Wire crates and play pens

    • Gated adoption spaces

    • Classroom with chairs

  • Advertise your rescue on our website and at the center

  • Use the center for your fundraising events



​Hold your pet training classes at the hopeful hound.

  • Indoor venue to meet clients

  • Clean, safe, quiet environment

  • Large public parking lot

  • Two training spaces

  • Weekday afternoon/ evening and Sunday times

  • Advertise on our website and at the center

  • Meet clients at adoption events



Customers that frequent The Hopeful Hound purchase pet supplies, pet photography, treats, etc.


  • A steady stream of potential customers and clients.

  • A clean, safe, indoor environment.

  • Large public parking lot.

  • Advertise on our website and at the center.


Host a fundraiser or your pet's party at the Hopeful Hound and invite their four legged  friends. Have another idea? Great, send us a message!


  • A large, clean, safe, pet friendly, indoor environment.

  • Large public parking lot.

  • Weekday afternoon/evening and Sunday times

  • Public restrooms for humans and pick up bags for pets

  • On site refrigerator for human and pet items.


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